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Space & Planets

  Compare the Planet sizes  
    Which is bigger?  Earth or Neptune?  Just pick two planets and then hit "Compare."  
  It's Getting Dark Out Here: Is that an Eclipse?  
    This animation shows you exactly what happens when the Moon blocks the light from the Sun.  
  Wow!  Look at Mars  
    This image is a QTVR, which needs Quicktime, but it's a great way to see the surface of Mars.  
  Space Place  
    NASA has created a bunch of great learning activities and interactive games to show you around your universe.  
  The Milky Way Galaxy  
    This is a safe way to travel!  Here is an artists' view of a trip through space.  
  Phases of the Moon  
    Flip through these photos of the Moon cycles.  
  Moon Phases  
    Animation: play with the "point of view" button and try the Earth View.  
  Moon Observation Chart  

A fun activity for watching the sky and recording your observations.  Use this log to record the daily moon changes.

  Phases of the Moon (powerpoint)   
    A complete description of each Moon phase.  
  The Power of Ten  
    This amazing movie travels from outer space down to Florida and into the atom of an Oak Tree leaf!  
  The Sun Today  
    Take a look at Observatories all around the Earth and even in the sky.  See the Sun from many different views.  
  The Earth, Sun, and Moon   

An animated tutorial.

  Welcome to the Planets  
    Beautiful pictures of our Planets.  
  Solar System Review  
    A summary of facts about astronomy.  
  Order of the Planets Quiz  
    Test yourself on each planet and its distance from the sun.  
  Here's what the Sun looks like - right now   
    It's safe to look here on the screen, but never look directly at the Sun without protective glasses.  It can harm your vision.  
  Look at how the Earth looks from the Moon!   
    This website shows you where it's night and where it's day, right now!  
  Kid's Page is a project of the Science Education Center at Glendale Community College  

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