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  Energy Quiz  
    We use energy all day long.  Things like atoms and fossils and renewable energy are part of our everyday world.  You might be surprised to learn how much you already about energy.  
  Song: "The Elements"  
    Here's a fun song by Tom Lehrer that let's you hum along with the Periodic Table of Chemicals.  Recorded in 1959 on Lehrer Records.  
  Car Comparison  
    You're heard of comparing apples to oranges.  How about comparing an SUV to a sports car?  
  Home Appliances  
    Here's a short little quiz to find out how much you know about the appliances in your home.  You might try testing your parents too!  Everyone can save energy.   
  Whack That Baseball  
    When you hit a baseball, speed, angle and air resistance all affect how far it travels.  Here's the science, and the game!  
  15 Steps to a Better World Crossword Puzzle  
    Test your knowledge on energy conservation, recycling and global warming.  
   Energy Quest Games Page  

Here are lots of games that will test your knowledge on the many of the sources for energy and how we use them in at home, in school and all over the world. 

   Welcome to Recycle City!  
    There's lots to do here - people and places to visit and plenty of ways to explore how the city's residents recycle, reduce, and reuse waste.  Click on City Hall to go to the Control Center. See how Dumptown changes as waste reduction programs are put in place.  
   Air Quality Game Show  
    The air quality is measured in different stages, from clean to dirty.  Take your turn being our top game show contestant.  
   AQI Color Game  
    Learn all the colors used by the scientists who help us know which activities we should do with the air quality changes.  
  15 Steps to a Better World  
    Explore the many ways that individuals, schools and communities can help the environment.  This page was developed for the GCC EcoFest 2006.  
  Strange Matter: Processing  
    Test your skill at transforming sand and other raw materials into things your familiy uses everyday.    
  Kid's Page is a project of the Science Education Center at Glendale Community College  

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