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  The Water Cycle  
    Here's a nice illustration of where water exists, how it changes form and how it moves.  There's even a quiz on the page if you want to test yourself.  
  Even More on the The Water Cycle  
    If you want to know more about the water cycle this site is for you!  This is a great artice with many wonderful diagrams.  
  Types of Oceanography  
    Seventy percent of the Earth's surface is covered by the oceans so there is still a lot to be learned.  See the mysteries that oceanographers love to explore, ranging from waves and creatures to rocks and chemicals.  Video.  Run time 1:05 min.  
  Build a Volcano  
    This is "geothermal power" at it's most explosive.  Build your own and then let it erupt!  
  Be a TV Weather Reporter  
    Here's a chance for you to forecast the weather for three cities and to report the weather on local news.  
  Interactive Rainbow Maker  
    Every wonder why do you sometimes see one rainbow, and other times a double? Why do you always see rainbows with your back to the sun?  
  Wild Weather Adventure Game  
    Your research blimp will explore the Earth.  How long can you stay up in the air?  
  Ty D's Day at the Beach  
    When you're out in the sun,  remember this little matching game and how many ways that we can enjoy, or destroy, our beautiful beaches.  
  Save Our Beach Game  
    You are now Ty D, the turtle.  You have three lives in which to escape all the gross bacteria that is threatening to pollute your home waters!  
  Weather Game  
    The Plural Girls have invited you and "Weather Dog" to their birthday party. Try to get to their house and be sure to watch out for bad weather.  
  Layers of the Earth  

Using the color buttons on the screen, you can draw in the layers of the Earth (Java)

  The What on Earth? Game  
    Test your knowledge on air, water and land.   
  Thirstin's Word Scramble Game  
     Unscramble the words to complete 8 sentences about water.  (Animation, you may need plug-ins for this game.)  
  How Much Water Do We Use? Matching Game  
    Show how much you know about water conservation in this animated game. Match these everyday activities (like taking a shower) with how much water they use. (You may need plug-ins for this game.)  
  What's a Wave?   
    Here’s a chance to experiments with many different types of waves.  What are vibrations? Sonar?  Ultrasound?  
  Go on a Fossil Dig  
    Exploring prehistoric nature at Wannagan Creek: Go digging for fossils in North Dakota  
  The Water Cycle  
    See the way that water is used over and over again on Earth.  (Animation)  
  California Chapparal  
    Take a tour of the Southern California chapparal environments in the Verdugo Hills and Topanga Canyon.  
  Plate Tectonics  
    Here’s a fun concentration game that will teach you some words associated with the crust and upper mantle of the Earth itself.  
  Global Warming animation movie  
    Learn the terms and take a quiz to test your knowledge.  
  Kid's Page is a project of the Science Education Center at Glendale Community College  

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