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GCC SCHEDULE • FALL 2021                                                                                 7

                                   ONLINE REGISTRATION INFORMATION

                 FALL: AUGUST 30-DECEMBER 15, 2021

                                                           FALL 2021
                                                   REGISTRATION DATES

                                                          Priority.......May 17-May 28, 2021
                                                          Open.....May 31-August 28, 2021


                                                               Weekdays and Weekends
                                                                    Registration: 24/7

BEFORE YOU CHOOSE YOUR COURSES                                                             HELP
See a COUNSELOR to update your Student Education Plan,
update your prerequisites, and discuss which classes you                         Questions about registering?
need to take.                                                           Visit Admissions & Records Live Zoom

USE PRIORITY REGISTRATION...                                         ADDING & DROPPING CLASSES
•	 if you applied for admission by April 23, 2021                    You can complete all add and drop transactions online via
                                                                     MyGCC. During the first two weeks of each semester or the first
•	 if you were enrolled at GCC during spring or summer 2021.         week of a winter or summer session, adds with a Permission
                                                                     Code and drops may be completed.
You can register on the time and date assigned to you or any
    time after that.

•	 automatically move you from a waiting list into the class if

    someone drops.

•	 automatically check your prerequisite file if you satisfactorily
    completed or are currently enrolled in the prerequisite
    at GCC.

•	 accept your credit card to pay your registration fees. Have
    your credit card ready.

•	 show open sections for a particular course. Have your class
    schedule available for reference.

•	 enroll you in more than 19 units.

•	 allow you to repeat a course in which you got an A, B, C or P
    (except for certain classes that can be taken more than one

•	 enroll you in a course for a third time if you got a D, F, NP,
    NC or W the first two times.

•	 give you prerequisite credit for a course you took somewhere
    else unless your counselor has entered it in your prerequisite
    file. See your counselor first.

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