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   Physics Van Video  
    You’ll really enjoy this video presentation that teaches all sorts of Physics lessons.  These college students travel to schools to give their fun presentation and demonstration.  
   Virtual Water Bottle Xylophone  

 By filling up bottles with water, you can create an instrument.  Because sound travels at a different speed in water than it does on air, more water produces a lower pitch, and less water produces a higher pitch.  Play the bottles and make up a song today!

   Virtual Panpipes  
    Play these panpipes and you'll hear for yourself, the longer tubes produce a lower pitch, and shorter tubes produce a higher pitch.  

Light and Color Hangman


Here’s a relaxing way to learn some vocabulary that we use in the science of light and color.

   Harmonic Series  
    Play around with this vibrating string and find out how the sound changes as you speed up or slow down the speed.   
  Interactive Sound Ruler  
    Use this interactive decibel counter to measure sound.  Learn about how really loud noises effect the ears.  Ouch!  
  Make a Splash With Color  
    We see red apples, green grass, and blue sky. Did you ever wonder why this is? Maybe it has something to do with the apples, the grass, and the sky? Or maybe something to do with your eyes? Or maybe even something to do with your mind?  
  What's That Sound?  
    Press the 'Start Here' button on this virtual exhibit and go on a journey into the world of sound. Did you ever wonder how it feels to have loss of hearing?  Listen to how sounds change from person to person.  
  Kid's Page is a project of the Science Education Center at Glendale Community College  

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