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Verdugo Fire Academy

This is our Classroom!

Verdugo Fire Academy

Southern California's Premiere Part Time Fire Academy. The academy is currently offered as an extended program on Thursday nights and weekends to allow working students to attend.  The Verdugo Fire Academy is a California State Fire Marshal Accredited Regional Training Program and is a Partnership between the Glendale Fire Department, Glendale Community College,
and the Office of the State Fire Marshal.  


The Verdugo Fire Academy is a State Accredited Regional Training Program we hold accreditation #ARA99-024. Graduates of the program will receive the California State Fire Marshal's approved Firefighter 1 certification, which includes both academic and hands-on training. The successful graduate will receive the skills required for the basic Firefighter 1 training and earn several specialized certifications approved by the Office of the State Fire Marshal, and is open to anyone over the age of 18.

Advantages of Verdugo Fire Academy


Academy hours are: Thursday Nights
6 - 10 pm., Saturday and Sunday,   8 am - 5 pm.

This format allows working students to attend, and still pursue their dreams of becoming a firefighter.



Over 820 hours of instructional time, 30% classroom and 70% drill ground, which gives our cadets more hands on time with tools, hose and ladders.

Plus additional time in hands on skills, better prepares the cadet for a career in firefighting.


Glendale Community College provides professional instructors and staff from various Southern California Fire Departments. 

Together GCC and the VFA aim to offer the best education and training to the cadets in Southern California's Premiere Part Time Fire Academy.


There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

Take your first step by attending a Free Fire Career Seminar offered the first Saturday of every month 10 am - 12 pm, Which is available on ZOOM and in person at the Verdugo Joint Training Center.

Our Core Values



The VFA offers over 800 hours of class work and training, exceeding the requirements set forth from California State Fire Training. Earning 35 college units and several specialized certifications. The VFA offers CA State Fire Training certifications in:

Confined Space Awareness  · Common Passenger Vehicle Rescue Technician · Fire Control 3, Structural Firefighting (2018) · Fire Control 4A, Ignitable Liquids and Gases Awareness/Operations (2022) · CSFM Haz Mat First Responder Awareness · CSFM Haz Mat First Responder Operational · and several others. 



All of our instructors are either full time professional fire fighters in various ranks from departments across Southern California, or retired professionals with over 30 years of fire department experience. All of our instructors are registered California State Fire Training instructors, offering the cadet a unique training experience. We strive to insill that professional attitude in all cadets as part of the program.



The VFA upholds a strict moral and integrity code for all cadets and instructors. We strive to produce a solid and well rounded cadet that would fit well into any agency, and the staff and instructors pass this on to the cadets. We truly believe that "Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching."


I graduated the VFA in January of 2020, I was lucky to be sponsored by the Arcadia Fire Department. I picked the VFA over other local academies for several reasons. You can read all he has to say here.... see more. 

Former Cadet Moroshan from Class XVIII explains what differentiates Verdugo Fire Academy, over the other academies offered in the Southern California area around Los Angeles. First he said it was the amount ....... see more.

Class XIX graduate Thomas explains why he choose VFA over the other academies in the Southern California area. He started by mentioning he liked the part time hours, which allowed him to hold a job but still train to become a firefighter...... see more.


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