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Glendale Community College District                                                                             4121

Board Policy


Status of Employees


A.        Substitute Instructors


1.      Day-to-Day Substitutes: Instructors appointed to serve temporarily in the absence of members of the regular staff are classified as day-to-day substitutes.


2.      Long Term Substitutes: Instructors who are appointed for a period of ten or more days to substitute for instructors who are absent are classified as long-term substitutes.


B.        Contract instructors  


All academic personnel, other than substitute employees, entering the service of the Glendale Community College District shall serve a probationary period of four years.


C.       Tenured Instructors


Academic employees who are elected for a fifth year after having served four complete consecutive years on a contract status shall be classified as tenured instructors of the District.



Education Code, Section 87600-87612

Adopted:   7/10/73

Revised:   3/31/83:     7/15/87:   11/18/87