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Glendale Community College District       2125

Board Policy


Division Chairs Structure


The teaching faculty of the College shall be organized in a divisional structure.


a.                  The established divisions shall be: Non-Credit, English as a Second Language; Non-Credit, Business and Life Skills; Biology; Business; College Services; English (Courses scheduled will include English, Library Science, and Interdisciplinary Humanities); Credit, English as a Second Language; Health and Physical Education; Language Arts (Courses scheduled will include Foreign Languages, Mass Communication, Speech, and Sign Language); Mathematics; Physical Science; Social Science; Visual and Performing Arts; Technology and Aviation.


The process of selecting division chairs and establishing their duties and responsibilities shall be developed through administrative regulations.


b.                  The following shall be exceptions to the divisional structure described above:


1.                  The nursing faculty shall be under the direction of the Associate Dean of Health Sciences.


Adopted: 11/8/87

Revised: 1/6/88; 6/22/92; 10/16/95; 5/17/99