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Search Engines (computer generated collection of websites)

Bing searches web, images, videos, maps, and news sources using advanced search optionsand advanced search keywords.
A metasearch engine including results from multiple search engines. Search categories include web, images, news, videos and more.
Duckduckgo is a non-tracking search engine, which protects user privacy. Search results include related topics, and advanced search syntax can be used for Boolean operators and other filters.
Google's advanced search options include Boolean and phrase searching, limits by domain, file type, language and date. Search results page includes filters for web, news, maps, images, and books.
Google Scholar
Google Scholar searches scholarly literature across many disciplines. Sources included are academic journal articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opitions.
Ixquick is a metasearch engine including results from multiple search engines, and protects user privacy. Standard advanced search options apply, plus additional search preferences can be activated to expand or exclude similar search results.
Mamma.com is a metasearch engine which searches multiple search engines, compiles their results, eliminates duplicates, and displays them in a uniform manner according to relevance.
Yahoo search includes advanced search options, such as Boolean and phrase searching. Results can be limited by categories or time frames; additional filters include web, image, video, local, shopping, maps, and news.

Directories and Gateways

Subject Directories and Gateways (human evaluated collection of websites)

ipl2: information you can trust
Directory of information resources selected by librarians and information science professionals. Ipl2 also includes an "Ask an ipl2 Librarian" question answering service.
Open Directory Project
The Open Directory Project is a large, comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a community of volunteer editors.
Virtual Reference Shelf
Selected online resources for research, organized by category and selected/maintained by the Library of Congress.


Web Searching Guides

Evaluating Web Resources


Evaluating Resources Tutorial

Choosing the Best Web Source Tutorial

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