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Deleted by the Board of Trustees September 9, 2014

(Replaced by new Board Policy 3505)

Glendale Community College District                                                                             6710

Board Policy


An Emergency and Disaster Manual will be developed and distributed to all administrators, faculty members and appropriate classified staff. A copy shall also be placed at the switchboard. This manual shall include procedures relative to fire, earthquakes, civil defense, emergency telephone calls, including bomb threats and emergency smog conditions.


Emergency Drills and Procedures


A.                 Fire Precautions


1.                  There shall be a definite plan, with specific persons designated by name, to insure that the Fire Department will always be promptly notified in the event of a fire. Nothing in this plan, however, shall preclude any person for turning in a fire alarm when the situation demands such action. Details are found in the Emergency and Disaster Manual.


B.                 Disaster


1.                  Students will be directed to take appropriate action according to the College Disaster Plan.


C.                Earthquake Precautions


Detailed directions for self-protection during an earthquake will be found in the Emergency and Disaster Manual.



Administrative Code, Title 5, Sections 550, 560

Revised: 3/31/83