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Glendale Community College District††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††         5190

Board Policy


Grade Change Policy


The college recognizes the long-standing prerogative of faculty to set standards of performance and to apply them to individual students. Therefore, the instructor is considered to be the final authority in determining grades that are assigned to students and that appear on their permanent academic records. The following policies apply to changes of grades except for changes of Incomplete (I) and Withdrawal (W) grades.


1.                  In general, all course grades are final when filed by the instructor in the end-of-term course grade report. Each student is notified by mail of the grades earned during the term, and these grades become a part of the official record.


2.                  A change of grade shall occur in cases of clerical error, administrative error, or where the instructor re-evaluates the studentís performance and discovers an error in the original evaluation. A clerical error is an error made by the instructor in calculating or recording the grade. A change of grade shall not occur as a consequence of the acceptance of additional work or re-examination beyond the specified course requirements.


3.                  A request for a grade change shall be initiated by the student affected or by the instructor within the next regular semester following the award of the original grade. If the instructor determines that there is a valid basis for the change, a Change of Grade form shall be used to notify the Office of Admissions and Records. If the instructor determines that there is not a valid basis for the change and denies the studentís request, the instructorís decision, subject to the appeals process described below, is final.


4.                  The Change of Grade form, completed and signed by the instructor, noting the basis for the change, shall be approved by the division chairperson prior to being accepted by the Office of Admissions and Records. Once the change of grade is processed, students shall be notified by the Office of Admissions and Records.


Students have the right to formally appeal the final grade in a course. Appeals are limited to situations in which the student believes the grade was prejudicially, capriciously, or arbitrarily assigned. Appeals must first be directed to the instructor of the course, orally or in writing. If further action is necessary, the student should appeal in writing to the division chair and then to the Executive Vice President, Instructional Services. If the issue continues to remain unresolved, a written appeal can be directed to the college Judicial Board. (Students are referred to the collegeís Grievance Policy and Procedures as stated in the catalog and available at all counselorsí offices and the Office of Admissions and Records.)



Title, 5, Section 55760

Adopted: 3/18/91