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Glendale Community College District†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††      † 5122

Board Policy


Remedial Coursework Limit Policy


Glendale Community College offers remedial coursework through precollegiate basic skills courses in reading, writing, learning skills, study skills, mathematics, and English as a Second Language. These courses are designated as non-degree applicable credit courses.


A studentís need for remedial coursework shall be determined by the studentís counselor through the use of the appropriate assessment instruments. Once enrolled, no student shall attempt and/or receive more than 30 units of credit for remedial coursework at Glendale Community College.


The following students are exempted from the limitation on remedial coursework:


1.                  Students enrolled in one or more courses of English as a Second Language.


2.                  Students identified by the Disabled Student Program and Services as being eligible for their learning disability services.


3.                  After attempting and/or completing 30 semesters units of remedial coursework and showing satisfactory progress by maintaining a 2.00 cumulative grade-point average, students may be allowed additional units of remedial coursework upon petition to the College Petitions Committee. If a waiver of the 30 unit limit is granted, the committee will specify the additional course(s) in which the student may enroll as well as any other conditions which the student must meet to satisfy the waiver. Progress shall be monitored on a semester basis.


A student not exempted from the 30 unit limitation shall be dismissed from the credit program and referred to adult noncredit education courses. Upon successful completion of appropriate remedial coursework or upon demonstration of skills which will reasonably assure success in college-level courses, the student may request reinstatement to the credit program at the college in order to proceed with college-level coursework.


References: California Education Code, Sections 55002, 55502, 55500, 55756.5, 56014, 71020, 71062, and 84500 et seq.


Adopted: 2/24/92