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Glendale Community College District                                                                             5120

Board Policy


Standards of Scholarship


A.                 Glendale Community College interprets a “C” average as a satisfactory scholarship standard—which means that the student should receive grade points equal to twice the number of units attempted.


B.                 Students who fail to maintain satisfactory scholarship may be placed on academic or progress probation and may be dismissed.


1.                  Academic Probation


A student will be place on academic probation if the student’s cumulative grade-point average for all units attempted at accredited postsecondary institutions is less than 2.0. Glendale Community College recognizes academic probationary status assigned by another college or university.


2.                  Progress Probation


A student who has enrolled in a cumulative total of at least nine (9) units shall be placed on progress probation if the percentage of all units in which a student has enrolled at accredited postsecondary institutions for which grades of “W”, “I” and “NC” are recorded reaches or exceeds fifty percent (50%). Glendale Community College recognizes progress probationary status assigned by another college or university.


3.                  Dismissal


a.                  A student on probation (academic, progress or combination of both) who earns any form of probationary status during enrollment in two consecutive semesters shall be dismissed and shall not be reinstated until at least one semester has elapsed after the dismissal. An exception is made for students whose first dismissal occurs at the end of the fall semester. Students who re-enroll in the subsequent spring semester are allowed to continue pending the determination of their academic status at the end of the spring semester. Glendale Community College recognizes academic dismissal assigned by another college or university. Students dismissed from other colleges or universities must abide by the procedures for students from Glendale Community College with respect to seeking readmission after dismissal.


b.                  A student having been readmitted on probation after academic dismissal must maintain a semester grade-point average of at least 2.0 and must not be placed on progress probation. If either the semester grade-point average falls below 2.0 or the student is assigned the progress probation status that student will again be dismissed for one semester.


C.                Responsibility for the administration of the probation and dismissal policy rests with the Dean of Admissions and Records.



Administrative Code, Title 5, Sections 51300-51325

Adopted: 7/10/73

Revised: 3/31/83; 12/11/89