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Glendale Community College District                                                                             4361

Board Policy


Leave of Absence


Sabbatical leaves (Academic Management Personnel)


Sabbatical leaves of absence may be granted to academic management employees for not to exceed two (2) consecutive calendar months under the compensation specifications listed in Section 8 of this policy. If the employee should desire to increase the sabbatical up to an additional two (2) consecutive months by using accumulated vacation time (at vacation rate of pay), the employee must request such additional time concurrent with the submission of the original application for sabbatical leave.


1.                  Purpose of Sabbatical Leave: A sabbatical leave is granted for the purpose of improving the value and quality of work in the district through enrichment of the employee’s experiences and training.


2.                  Eligibility: An academic management employee may be eligible for sabbatical leave after at least six consecutive years of service. His/her health must be approved by a physician, and satisfactory arrangements for covering the position must have prior approval.


3.                  Determination of Nominees: The Superintendent/President will receive all requests for management sabbatical leaves of absence. If the request is approved, the Superintendent/President shall submit a recommendation to the Board of Trustees for its consideration.


4.                  Conditions for Determining Nominees: The request for sabbatical leaves shall be governed by:


a.                  Potential of future service to the District and students.


b.                  Relative merits of reasons for desiring leave.


c.                  History of previous leaves (normally priority of selection will be given applicants who have not had a sabbatical leave in the district).


d.                  Seniority.


5.                  Determination of number of leaves to be awarded: The total number of sabbatical leaves which may be awarded shall be based on administrative assignments and other budget considerations.


6.                  Types of leaves may include such things as:


a.                  Formal study.

b.                  A combination of study and travel.


c.                  Creative work or original contribution related to the employee’s management area.


d.                  Approved research project.


7.                  Applications:


Applications must be made in writing to the Superintendent/President no less than three (3) months prior to the proposed date of commencement of the leave.


8.                  Compensation:


a.                  An academic management employee on sabbatical leave shall receive compensation equivalent to fifty percent (50%) of the regular placement on the management salary schedule, plus compensation for earned doctorate, if applicable. If additional earned vacation time is approved as a supplement to the sabbatical leave, such vacation time (limited to two (2) consecutive calendar months (44 days)), shall be compensated at vacation rate of pay.


b.                  The method of payment shall be according to the provisions of the Education Code. If payments are to be made monthly, no bond shall be required. The employee is required to complete one full year of service in the district upon return from a sabbatical leave of absence.


9.                  Additional Compensation:


Additional compensation is compensation for services of employee during period of sabbatical leave other than compensation granted by the Glendale Community College District. Additional compensation received by the employee in excess of the difference between employee’s regular salary and salary while on sabbatical leave may, if not approved in advance by the Board, be deductible from the leave salary paid by the District. Additional assistance from such recognized sources of aid to study, research and travel, such as scholarships, will not constitute additional compensation.


10.             Reports:


a.                  Valid transcripts or appropriate evidence shall be filed in the Personnel Office verifying the work accomplished in accordance with the type of leave approved.


b.                  After returning from leave, the employee shall present a written report to the Superintendent/President and an oral report to the Board of Trustees presenting the employee’s appraisal of the professional value of the experience or knowledge gained while on leave.



Reference      Education Code Sections 87763-87779

                        Adopted: 7/10/73

                        Revised: 6/14/77; 7/12/77; 3/31/83