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Glendale Community College District                                                                             4221

Board Policy


Interim/Relief/Substitute/Intermittent Employees


A.     The Board of Trustees may delegate the authority to the Superintendent /President or his/her designee to approve interim, relief, substitute and intermittent assignments when necessary.


B.  An employee/non-employee may be assigned to a permanent position as an
      “interim employee” pending testing who has otherwise met the minimum
      qualifications for such position.


C.    Interim assignments shall be less than six month in any one fiscal year.


D.    Relief assignments shall be less than 1000 hours in any one fiscal year.


E.     Substitute assignments shall be made to replace a permanent employee while on leave.


F.     Intermittent assignments shall be made on a periodic basis.


Adopted: 4/15/91