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Glendale Community College District                                                                             4219

Board Policy


Duties of Classified Personnel


A.     All District employees are subject to Board Policies, Administrative Regulations, applicable laws, and negotiated agreements.


B.     The Superintendent/ President or his/her designee has the responsibility for the development and revision of employee job descriptions. He/she shall consult with the employees in their preparation or revision.


C.     Employees shall perform the duties and fulfill the responsibilities of the job description.


D.     Job classification descriptions shall include the following:


 1.             Job title.

 2.             Duties to be performed.

 3.             Type and extent of knowledge and skill required.

 4.             Degree of responsibility assumed.

 5.             Other relevant factors


E.     The Board of Trustees shall approve all job classifications.


F.     The preparation of individual position descriptions shall be a self-renewing process in which each employee working under a specific job title shall work cooperatively with the supervisor and the Office of Human Resources to keep the position descriptions current.


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Adopted:       4/15/91