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Glendale Community College District                                                                          4131.1

Board Policy


Teacher Exchange Leave


The Superintendent/President, or designate, is authorized to give administrative approval for a faculty member to apply for a position abroad for one school year under the International Educational Exchange Program, Office of Education, Department of Health Education and Welfare. Prior to recommending such a leave to the Board of Trustees for a particular individual, care shall be made to assure full protection to the rights of affected students for the best possible instruction and to the welfare of other teachers and the District. Faculty accepted on exchange must meet standards applied in the employment of a new teacher.


The Superintendent/President is further empowered to negotiate faculty exchanges with colleges and universities in the United States. Under this arrangement, District faculty will receive their normal salaries. Exchange faculty must be paid by their own school authorities and must meet standards applied in the employment of faculty new to the District.


Adopted: 3/31/83