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Glendale Community College District                                                                             4093

Board Policy


Background Investigation Fingerprinting


Fingerprinting/Background Investigation


All new academic and classified employees are required to be fingerprinted for background investigation by the District through the State Department of Justice (Bureau of Criminal Identification) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The fingerprinting shall be for the purpose of background investigation of new employees through the State Department of Justice (Bureau of Criminal Identification) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.   All new employees must have fingerprint clearance prior to employment.   Emergency appointments for new employees may be exempted from this provision.  An emergency appointment may exist when the District requires an employee to begin employment immediately, or when extenuating circumstances prohibit an employee from being fingerprinted through a local law enforcement agency.


Fingerprinting service for employment will be processed through the local law enforcement agency.  The cost of the processing of the fingerprints shall be paid by the District.  The fee is determined by the Department of Justice for the processing of fingerprint cards for State and Federal levels.  


Rejected Fingerprint Cards


All rejected fingerprinting cards will include a written statement to describe the specific reason(s) the fingerprinting impression were unacceptable.   The District shall direct the applicant to have fingerprints taken and resubmitted so that the criminal history response process may be completed.    This applies to both the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation resubmissions.  There is no additional fee for processing reprinted applicant fingerprint cards when the rejected cards are attached.   If the resubmitted print are rejected a second time, the District shall direct the application to have another set of fingerprints taken for submission and shall pay the required processing fee.


Employees failing to secure fingerprints shall not be considered as legally employed.


Subsequent Arrest Notification

For no additional charge, the District will contract with the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information for subsequent arrest notification should an applicant or employee be arrested subsequent to the initial fingerprint processing.




Education Code Sections 87013, 88024

Adopted:        6/29/98