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Glendale Community College District                                                                             4080

Board Policy


Health Services – Services and Procedures – Academic and Classified Personnel


A.                 In compliance with state law and in order to maintain a healthful and safe environment for employees and students at the Glendale Community College District, the following policies are established:


1.                  Physical examinations, by the District physician designated by the District to examine personnel, are required in the following circumstances:


a.                  New employment – classified, probationary academic, and long-term substitute positions. Continuing long-term substitutes shall be examined at the discretion of the Health Services staff.


b.                  Upon return from an illness of more than six months duration.


c.                  Whenever a request is made by the immediate supervisor or director of personnel.


(1)         In such cases further examination may be required, without cost to the individual.


d.                  Any laboratory work which is requested by the District physician in order to complete the diagnosis will be paid for by the District.


e.                  Applicant for first employment in an academic position in California must meet the requirement of E.C. 87408.


f.                    Employees wishing to continue service beyond age 70 are subject to the provisions of Board Policy 4124.


2.                  Written approval from the attending physician is required:


a.                  Upon return from absence of fifteen working days or more due to illness. The physician’s clearance must reach Health Services one working day prior to the employees intended return.


b.                  Upon return from surgery or from illness requiring hospitalization, regardless of the duration of absence.


c.                  Of employees using casts or orthopedic devices at work. Such employees shall be required to present to the College Superintendent/President or his/her designee a Health Office approval slip. Prior release from the treating physician is necessary for Health Office approval.


d.                  Of any employee whose absence extends beyond 15 working days. The statement shall give the diagnosis and prescribed treatment, and an estimate of the expected duration of the illness. In the event that the employee does not return within the estimated time, a conference will be held between the attending physician and a member of Health Services staff to determine the employee’s status.


3.                  If there is a question regarding the advisability of any employee returning to a full-time position, the following procedure shall be followed:


a.                  The decision for the return of that employee shall be based upon the judgment of three doctors, namely: the District physician, the patient’s own physician, and a third, a specialist in the illness involved, approved by the attending District physician and the patient’s own physician.


b.                  Expenses of the patient’s own physician shall be borne by the patient, and the District physician and the specialist by the Board of Trustees.


c.                  A consultation opinion shall be rendered by the three physicians to the Board of Trustees, and to the patient or the patient’ s family, regarding the ability of the paient to assume a full-time position, part-time work, or no work.


d.                  The Board of Trustees shall immediately notify the teacher or his/her family of its final decision.


e.                  If the employee is determined to be eligible to return to work and fails to do so, his/her continued absence will then be charged to personal leave.


4.                  Employees are required to obtain and submit reports of evidence of freedom from tuberculosis as follows:


a.         All persons employed in a capacity requiring routine personal contact with students, including long-term substitutes and part-time assignments, shall present prior to the first day of work a statement prepared by a licensed physician and surgeon certifying that within the preceding sixty day period the person has been examined by the use of an x-ray of the lungs or by an intra-dermal tuberculin test which, if positive, is followed by an x-ray of the lungs and is found to be free of active tuberculosis. The cost of such pre-employment examination shall be paid by the applicant for employment.


b.                  Every four years thereafter during period of employment, with the exception of food handlers who must submit reports every two years.


c.                  If the examination of the employee results in a statement that the employee is suspected of having active tuberculosis, he/she shall immediately be relieved of his/her duties, shall be granted accrued sick leave benefits and shall be reinstated only after conclusive evidence is presented that he/she is free of active tuberculosis.


d.                  If an employee fails to submit evidence of the x-ray examination by the anniversary date of his/her prior examination:


(1)         He/she shall immediately be relieved of his/her duties, shall be placed on personal leave with full loss of pay, without loss of accrued employee benefits, and shall be reinstated only after an examination has been completed and satisfactory evidence has been submitted directly to the District Health Services Office indicating he/she is free of active tuberculosis.


(2)         His/her pay warrant will be withheld until satisfactory evidence has been submitted directly to the District Health Services Office.


e.                  The regular four year x-ray examination will be paid for by the College District if the employee makes use of the mobile x-ray units scheduled by the College District. If the examination is made by the employee’s personal physician, the cost of examination shall be paid by the employee.


f.                    When communicable disease is suspected in any employee, this knowledge should be transmitted to the District Health Services Office. If deemed advisable or necessary, an x-ray examination of the employee may be required.


5.                  Employees ill with possible communicable diseases are governed by the regulations applying to pupils. The College nurse will make recommendations regarding exclusion and return of persons with such illness.




Education Code, Sections 76406, 87408, 87828

Adopted: 7/10/73

Revised: 3/31/83