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Glendale Community College District                                                                             4070

Board Policy


Public Notice Policy – Initial Proposals


  1. The initial proposal of an exclusive representative or of the District, which relates to matters within the scope of representation, shall be presented at a public meeting of the Board.


  1. After the initial proposal has been presented at a public meeting of the  Board, it shall be a public record and maintained for public view in a designated folder in the District office.


  1. After the public has been given a reasonable time within which to become informed of the contents of the proposal, the Board shall schedule a public hearing for the purpose of receiving comments from the public on any initial proposals. The public hearing may be scheduled to be held at a regular meeting or at a special meeting.


  1. After the public has had the opportunity to express itself on the District’s initial proposal, the Board shall thereafter, at a public meeting, adopt its initial proposal.


  1. New subjects of meeting and negotiating arising after the presentation of initial proposals shall be made public within  24 hours, by placing notice thereof in the designated folder referred to above.



Reference:   California Government Code, Section 3547:

                     8 California Administrative Code, Part III,

                     Section 32900

Adopted:   3/31/83