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Glendale Community College District       4036

Board Policy


Section 803 Regulations for the Investigation and Resolution or Complaints of Unlawful Discrimination


A.                 The Glendale Community College District is adopting regulations to insure that its programs and activities are available to all persons without regard to ethnic group identification, religion, age, sex, color, or physical or mental disability. The regulations provide for the investigation of alleged unlawful discrimination in its programs or activities. This District will seek to resolve the complaints in an expeditious manner and within ninety (90) days.


B.                 The District Officer responsible for insuring District compliance with the rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges regarding unlawful discrimination shall be the District Affirmative Action Officer.


C.                The District will provide annual notice of this policy against unlawful discrimination to students, to new employees when they commence working, and to all current employees. Posters which contain the basic legal requirements will be posted in places readily accessible to students, job applicants, and existing employees.


D.                The responsible District Officer shall make available to all students and employees the complaint form established by the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges.


E.                 The responsible District Officer shall accept all complaint forms filed within one hundred twenty (120) days of the date of the alleged discrimination.


F.                 Within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the complaint form, the District Officer shall commence an investigation of the alleged discrimination and notify the complainant that the investigation has begun.


G.                When the District Officer receives a complaint of unlawful discrimination that is not on the form prescribed by the Chancellor, that officer shall notify the complainant immediately. If the complaint is defective in any other way, the officer shall notify the complainant immediately that the complaint is defective and how the complaint is defective.


H.                 When the investigation is complete, the District will attempt to resolve the complaint and will take such action as it deems necessary to correct the effects of the unlawful discrimination and to insure that no unlawful discrimination will occur in the District.


I.                     The District Officer shall notify the complainant of its proposed resolution and that the complainant may object to the proposed resolution by submitting objections to the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges within thirty (30) days. Such notice shall be given on the form provided by the Chancellor.


J.                  Upon sending the notice of the proposed resolution to the complainant, and within ninety (90) days of beginning the investigation of the complaint, the District will forward the following to the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges:


(1)               the original complaint;


(2)               report of the nature and extent of the investigation conducted by the District;


(3)               report of any action taken to resolve the complaint;


(4)               evidence that the District has notified the complainant of the proposed resolution and the ability to object to the proposed resolution by sending objections to the Chancellor;


(5)               any other information that the Chancellor may require.




Education Code, Sections 71020-71025

Title V, Sections 59300-59362

Adopted: 10/13/81

Revised: 3/31/83