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Glendale Community College District                                                                             6310

Administrative Regulation


Instructional Materials Fees and Services


A.        Basic Objectives


1.         Research and experience have shown repeatedly that the effective use of appropriate instructional materials and educational media is a highly successful means of providing rich and meaningful classroom learning experiences.  While these materials and media may have some intrinsic value, the key to their actual value is contained in the phrase, "effective integrated use."


2.         To achieve maximum learning efficiency in the classroom use of instructional materials, it is believed that:


                        a.         All materials should be selected on the basis of class-instructor purposes, needs, and interests.


                        b.         The use of instructional materials should be planned in advance.


                        c.         Instructional materials should be selected by the instructor for the best presentation of concepts involved.


                        d.         Instructional materials should be introduced to the class by of purpose, by of difficult concepts or vocabulary, and by establishing things to look for and questions to be answered.


                        e.         Instructional materials should be used under the best possible classroom conditions.


                        f.         The presentation of instructional materials should be followed by some planned follow-up activity designed to evaluate learning outcomes.



B.        Instructional Materials Fee


A student may be required to have instructional materials for completion

of required course work, provided that such materials are of continuing value to

a student and provided that such materials are not solely or exclusively

available from the district.


Permission to require students to have instructional materials must be granted by the Executive Vice President.  Departments must develop a course-by-course list of materials. Materials must be identified in such a manner that students have the opportunity to obtain the materials from sources outside the college.


The College Bookstore may sell vouchers for such instructional materials at a price equal to actual cost, plus mark-up,    plus taxes.  Each department will be responsible for ordering, receiving, stocking, and issuing materials.  Instructional supply budgets will be credited with funds received by the College Bookstore from the sale of vouchers.



C.        Functional Services


            1.         Book Library


Instructional departments are responsible for receiving, processing, and  controlling the inventory of their book libraries.


            2.         Instructional Materials


Programs and projects centered around specific instructional materials and educational media are planned cooperatively by the instructor and the appropriate College personnel.              


Revised:   6/8/93