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Glendale Community College District††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††      †† 6221

Administrative Regulation


Field Trips Ė General Regulations


A.                 Field trip forms shall be available in the Office of the Vice President of Instructional Services


1.                  Application for Field Trip Form (To be completed by instructor).


2.                  Student Participation, Emergency Care, and Automobile Authorization Form (To be completed by students).


3.                  Petition to Make Up Work (Studentsí option).


B.                 Approval for each educational field trip shall be secured from the Division Chair and the Vice President of Instructional Services or Dean of Continuing Education. The Application for Field Trip Form is available for this purpose.


C.                Arrangements for field trips shall be made by the instructor only after approval is granted. If commercial transportation is needed, arrangements shall be made by the instructor in advance of the trip. Transportation expenses shall be furnished from the appropriate division budget if funds are available, or paid for by the persons using such transportation. The instructor will arrange to collect the fare from students in advance of the date of the trip.


D.                Each student attending a field trip shall complete the Field Trip Student Participation form and, if under 18 years of age and unmarried, the Permission for Emergency Care for Minors Section.


E.                 A student cannot be required to miss another class for a field trip if the instructor of that class will not permit an absence, if he/she will not provide reasonable means by which the student may make up work, or if he/she considers the studentís class standing will be seriously harmed.


F.                 It is the instructorís responsibility to see that the appropriate form is returned for each field trip participant. Once copy of the Student Participation Form is returned to the Instruction Office, the second copy forwarded to the College Nurse, and the third copy accompanies the student on the field trip. The Petition to Make Up Work forms are to be given to the Guidance and Counseling Office, Ad 112.


G.                Student drivers must complete the Private Automobile Authorization section on the Student Participation Form. The instructorís signature on the form indicates approval.


H.                 If division funds are not available, trips taken using private car transportation must be on a voluntary, non-reimbursed basis.


I.                     Students cited for careless driving within the preceding two years are not eligible to transport other students on field trips.


J.                  Students driving their own cars, or transporting other students in private cars, shall present to the instructor a valid California Driverís License and attest to having the following minimum insurance:


1.                  Liability insurance for bodily injury to the extent of $100,000 for one person and $300,000 per accident, or a $35,000 combined single limit per accident policy;


2.                  Liability insurance for property damage to the extent of $25,000.


K.                 First aid kits shall be taken on all field trips and shall be the responsibility of the instructor. (first aid kits are to be obtained from the Office of the Health Clerk.)


L.                  Field trips shall not be scheduled during the two weeks prior to the start of final examinations each semester if the time of the field trip extends beyond the regular scheduled class period.


M.                The fulfilling of the above requirements shall be the responsibility of the instructor in charge of the field trip.


N.                 The California Education Code, Section 1017 72506, provides that the governing board of any school district shall insure against the liability of the district and against the personal liability of the members of the board and of the officers and employees of the district, for damages to property or damage by reason of the death of, or injury to, any person or persons, as the result of any negligent act by the district, or by a member of the board, or any officer or employee when acting within the scope of his officer or employment.


The Glendale Community College District carries a substantial policy for the purposes outlined above.