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Glendale Community College District                                                                          6221.1

Administrative Regulation


Field Trips, Boat Regulations


A.                 Glendale Community College boats are to be used in conjunction with the activities of the marine biology classes, and the Baja Field Studies Program located at Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja California. The function of the boats is to transport students to field study areas for the purpose of collecting materials and specimens for instructional purposes. While being used for these education purposes, the following regulations apply:


1.      The boat will be maintained according to standard U.S. Coast Guard regulations for safety equipment and life preservers.


2.      The boat is to be operated under the supervision of an instructor. It is not available for unsupervised student projects and activities.


3.      Each instructor and class-assistant who operates a boat must have a certificate of completion of the U.S. Coast Guard Boating Skills Classes or the U.S. Power Squadron courses.


4.      Students transported in a college boat will complete the official “Waiver of Liability – Boat Use” before participating in activities requiring such transportation.




            I understand that my participation in the (class activity) might entail my participation in activities requiring that I use boats in order to perform classwork and I am aware that these activities can be considered more hazardous than the usual classroom activity and because the Glendale Community College District, because of the circumstances under which these class activities occur, may not be able to exercise full control over the activities,


                  I, ____________________________ , hereby hold the Glendale Community College District and/or any of its representatives, free and harmless for any injuries which I may receive or accidents which I may have while participating in the use of the boats.



_____________________    _________   ____________________  ___________   

    Signature of Participant            Date             Signature of Parent                  Date

                                                                              or Guardian if   
                                                                              participant under 18 years of age