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Glendale Community College District                                                                             6142

Administrative Regulation


Curriculum-Professional and Legal Responsibilities


A.        Community College Districts are required by the California Education Code to establish and maintain an accredited instructional program.  Glendale Community  College, through the collective efforts of its shared governance system, which includes faculty, divisions, the Academic Senate, Curriculum and Instruction Committee, Academic Affairs Committee and the Campus Executive Committee, is responsible for developing a comprehensive set of academic programs which are submitted to the College Board of Trustees for approval.


B.        Individual instructors, Division Chairs, the Program Review Process, the Academic Senate, and the college Administration are all responsible for maintaining the integrity and currency of all approved courses of study.


C.        Each instructor hired by the college is responsible for following the approved course of study, as reflected in the course outline.


D.        All substantial revisions of approved courses of study and all new courses of study must be reviewed and approved by the shared governance system described above in Section A before submission to the College Board of Trustees for approval.


E.        All instructors in the credit program shall keep in their possession or the division office the following items for a minimum of one year from the end of the final exams:


a. Instructor record of semester grades and,


                        b. The final exams or final projects of all enrolled students


            In the event the instructor returns the final exam or project to the student or the storage of the final projects is too difficult, then the instructor or division will retain a short description of the final project in some format:  photo copy, photograph, recording, written notes, etc. for the same period.







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