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Glendale Community College District                                                                          6142.7

Administrative Regulation




A.                 General Policy


For adult students whose need for learning competes with career commitments, family duties, or health problems, Glendale Community College offers a core of television courses that allow for greater flexibility in scheduling than other types of more formalized learning. The high quality of instruction in these courses shall be assured by having them go through the same approval process as on-campus classes, observing the same criteria for academic rigor and quality. Moreover, the instructors of telecourses shall be subject to the same professional qualifications as the on-campus faculty. All telecourses shall be supervised directly by the divisions concerned and ultimately by the appropriate deans.


B.                 Minimum Standards for Telecourse Faculty Members


The following minimum standards are required for all telecourses in order to assure excellence in content and pedagogy:


1.                  Instructors shall meet the class on campus for a minimum of five three-hour sessions, as follows: a) an opening session for orientation and introduction to the course, b) two review sessions scheduled during the term, c) a mid-term examination, d) a final examination.


2.                  To encourage vigorous student-faculty contact, full-time instructors shall publicize and keep a daily office hour, and adjunct faculty members shall publicize a telephone number where they can be reached in the evenings. Students shall be encouraged to contact their instructors personally at least once during the semester.


3.                  The telecourse office shall have a telephone answering machine, staffed by a secretary, to facilitate timely student-instructor communication.


4.                  Each student shall be required to attend at least four out of five on-campus sessions. The instructor shall personally contact any student who is absent from the on-campus sessions to encourage future attendance.


5.                  Faculty members teaching telecourses shall be responsible for assuring that the necessary critical thinking and writing components be part of the telecourse, in the form of course assignments and/or examinations.


6.                  Faculty members teaching telecourses shall take advantage of the appropriate workshops offered by the Southern California Consortium.


7.                  When a telecourse lecture series contains segments that are outdated or need updating, it shall be the responsibility of the instructor to provide appropriate extra class materials to assure currency of the subject matter until the telecourse producer revises the course.


Adopted: 6/22/92