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Glendale Community College District                                                                             5410

Administrative Regulation

Freedom of Speech: Time, Place, and Manner

A. Campus Speech: Limited and Non-Public Forums

All persons present on District grounds, in district facilities or otherwise using District real or personal property shall be permitted to exercise their rights of free expression subject to the time, place and manner policies and procedures contained in Board Policy 5410, and this regulation, and consistent with other applicable Board Policies and Administrative Regulations.

The grounds, facilities, and property of the District are non-public forums, except for areas designated as limited public forums generally available to students and the community. Pursuant to Board Policy 5410, the Plaza Vaquero and San Gabriel Plaza are designated as limited public forums. Plaza Vaquero is defined as the central campus lawn and patio areas contained within the following boundaries: El Camino Real walkway, Library Promenade/Bookstore ramp, Sierra Madre patio, and Vaquero Way walkway. San Gabriel Plaza is defined as the outdoor patio area contained within the following boundaries: John A. Davitt Administration Building, Library Building, San Gabriel Building, Cimmarusti Science Center, Camino Real Building, and the Arroyo Seco Building.

Pursuant to GCC Board Policy 5410, the Superintendent/President, in consultation with the Campus Executive Committee, may remove an areaís designation as a limited public forum and apply a non-public forum designation as necessary to prevent the substantial disruption of District business or instructional activities. Areas of the college that are non-public forums include without limitation, campus offices, classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, athletic fields, parking lots, warehouses, maintenance yards, and locker rooms.

Use of district grounds, facilities and property pursuant to the Civic Center Act, shall be governed by Board Policy 1410, and Administrative Regulation 1410.

B. Conditions on Use of District Facilities and Grounds

The use of limited public and non-public forum areas is subject to the following:

1. All persons using the limited public forum areas of the college shall be allowed to distribute petitions, circulars, leaflets, newspapers, and other printed matter. Such distribution shall take place only within the limited public forum areas.

2. The Dean of Student Affairs shall set reasonable time restrictions on the use, by individuals and/or organizations, of the Districtís limited public forum areas. Such restrictions shall be in place for the purpose of ensuring that all individuals and/or organizations will have equal access to the use of such areas, and to avoid monopolization of such areas by organizations or individuals.

3. The Dean of Student Affairs shall establish a schedule specifying the time of day during which the limited public forum areas will be available for use by individuals and/or organizations, and a reservation procedure when the intended use requires dedication of a specific space.

4. Persons distributing material in District facilities, grounds, and property shall not touch, strike, or impede progress of passersby, except for incidental or accidental contact, or contact initiated by the passerby.

5. Persons using limited public forum areas shall not use means of amplification in a manner that disrupts the orderly conduct of the District business or instructional activities taking place at that time. Absent specific authorization pursuant to other Board policies and administrative regulations, amplification shall not be utilized in non-public forum areas in order to avoid disrupting District business or instructional activities.

6. Any matter or materials which are discarded or dropped, other than in literature racks, must be retrieved and removed or properly discarded by those persons/entities distributing the matter or materials prior to their departure from the limited public or non-public forum area on the day such matter and/or materials are distributed.

7. Materials may not be left unattended in stacks in District facilities, grounds, or property, and may not be posted on glass or painted surfaces.

8. No persons using limited public or non-public forum areas shall solicit donations of money, through direct requests for funds, sales of tickets or otherwise, except where he or she is using a limited public forum area and collecting funds for an organization that is registered with the Secretary of State as a nonprofit corporation; or for an approved GCC student club, GCC employee organization, or college department.

9. College departments, GCC employee organizations, and approved GCC student clubs, with the authorization of the Dean of Student Affairs, may hang banners from the second floor balcony railing of the Sierra Madre Building, the railing along the ramp in front of the J.W. Smith Student Center, and the railing of the San Gabriel Plaza bridge only. Banners may measure a maximum of 9' x 4', shall not be affixed to the railing with tape or any type of adhesive material, and may remain hanging for a maximum of two weeks.

10. Posting:

The District shall provide bulletin boards for use in posting materials at campus locations convenient for public use. All materials displayed on a bulletin board are subject to removal according to a cleaning schedule established by the Dean of Student Affairs.

  1. Appeals.

1. GCC employees and the public may appeal decisions involving these regulations to the Campus Executive Committee.

2. Students may appeal decisions involving these regulations pursuant to Administrative Regulation 5101.

















Reference: Education Code Section 76120, GCC Board Policy 5410

Adopted: 7/10/73

Revised: 3/31/83, 12/18/95, 1/16/01, 2/21/06; 2/14/06; 3/14/06