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Glendale Community College District     5312

Administrative Regulation


Student Body Finance Expenditures


A. Student body funds shall be expended for supplies, equipment, and services, necessary for conducting authorized student body activities provided that all expenditures of student body funds are of direct benefit to the students themselves.


B. Requisition and purchase order form must be used to record the approval and disposition of all requests for expenditures.


C. The collection and disbursement of student body fees shall be controlled by the Student Legislature, Student Body Treasurer, College President or his designated representative, and the Graduate ASB Business Manager.


D. Expenditures which are prohibited:


1. Supplies and equipment for educational purposes normally provided by the Board of Trustees, including professional books and magazines.


2. Repair of educational equipment belonging to the Board of Trustees.


3. Loans, credit, or other personal services to Board of Trustees employees or other special groups.


4. Membership in or contributions to non-college related organizations.


E. Expenditures requiring prior authorizations:


1. All unbudgeted expenditures of student body funds, regardless of cost and all budgeted expenditures for $100.00 or more, require ASB Legislative approval.


2. All equipment which is to be installed or attached to a building or which requires connection to a utility.


3. Any expenditure involving alterations or additions to buildings or grounds.


Adopted: 7/10/73

Revised: 3/31/83