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Glendale Community College District       5136

Administrative Regulation


Adult High School


A.                 High school credits, applicable toward a diploma of high school graduation, may be earned by completing courses offered in the College Non-Credit Education program. Students who desire high school credit in Non-Credit Education courses must make this fact known to the instructor at the time of enrollment.


B.                 Requirements for High School Diploma: The minimum requirements for an Adult High School diploma are as follows:


1. English (grades 9, 10, 11)..................... (30 sem. hrs.) 3 credits


2. Mathematics (grade 9 or higher).......... (10 sem. hrs.) 1 credit


3. Science (grade 10 or higher)................ (10 sem. hrs.) 1 credit


4. American History (grade 11)................. (10 sem. hrs.) 1 credit


5. American Government (grade 12)........ (5 sem. hrs.) credit


6. Electives (including First Aid and

Driver Education).................................... (95 sem. hrs.) 9 credits



Total.............................. (160 sem. hrs.) 16 credits


7.      A maximum of 40 semester hours may be earned in grade 9.


8. A minimum of 10 semester hours of work must be completed in residence.


C.                Other Sources of High School Credits


1.      Credits earned at Glendale Community College (Day and Extended Day), or at any other accredited college, may be converted into high school credits, by petition, at the rate of three college units for one high school credit (10 semester hours). High school credits may not be earned through repetition of a subject for which credit has been granted previously.


2.      Credits toward a diploma of high school graduation may be granted in other accredited secondary schools and transferred to the Glendale College Non-Credit School. No credit will be allowed for correspondence courses or extension courses where the examinations have not been monitored or proctored by approved school officials or teachers.


3.      Credits may be granted for work achievement having educational value provided the individual has been employed for a year or longer by the same employer in an activity which could be considered equivalent to, or parallel to, some high school subject and original letters from the employer are submitted verifying the dates and length of employment, detailing the nature of the work performed and rating the quality of the work completed. A maximum of 4 credits (40 semester hours) in work achievement credits may be counted toward high school graduation.


4.      Credits may be granted for regular training courses completed at a military base during a term of military service, based on the recommendations of the American Council on Education, and for approved courses completed with the United States Armed Forces Institute.


5.      Credits toward a diploma of high school graduation may be granted to eligible students who successfully complete the Test of General Educational Development. Such credit is granted according to standards established by the Non-Credit Education Division on the Glendale Community College District.



Education Code, 1978 Edition, Section 78403, 8531

Adopted: 7/10/73

Revised: 3/31/83