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Glendale Community College District                                                                          5119.1

Administrative Regulation




A student with a verified disability meeting Title V eligibility requirements may request additional repetitions of a special class.  "Special classes are instructional activities offered consistent with the provisions of Section 56000 and designed to address the educational limitations of students with disabilities."  Permission to repeat a special class will be granted when the repetition of that class meets one of the following criteria:


            (a)       The continuing success of the student in other general and/or special classes is dependent on additional repetitions of a specific class;


            (b)       The additional repetition of a specific class is essential to completing a student's preparation for enrollment into other regular or special classes; or


            (c)        The student has a student educational contract which involves a goal other than completion of the special class in question and repetition of the course will further the achievement of that goal.


Each request will require review and approval by appropriate academic DSP&S personnel.


Adopted 3/15/93