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Glendale Community College               5111.1

Administrative Regulation


Refund/Repayment Policy


A. Refund Policy for All Students


1. To receive a refund for tuition and/or enrollment fees and other student fees, classes must be dropped or canceled within the first two weeks of instruction for the particular class.


2. Requests for refunds must be initiated by the student and will be processed according to the following schedule:


Summer - Students who withdraw (or drop units) during the first week of the summer intersession are entitled to a 100% refund provided that they submit a refund application during week two when refunds are processed.


Fall and Spring - Students who withdraw (or drop units) during the first two weeks of the semester are entitled to a 100% refund provided that they submit a refund application during weeks three and four when refunds are processed.


3. Refund request forms are available in Student Business Services. Students must present an I. D. Card and a receipt showing payment of fees. A $10 refund processing fee will be assessed for all requests.


B. Pro-Rata Policy for new students receiving Title IV Federal Financial Aid


1. A refund calculation will be applied to all first time students who receive federal financial assistance (federal grants, loans, or work assistance) and withdraw from all classes or are dropped from all classes by the instructors in a given semester. The following chart outlines the calculations that are used.


Standard Semester (18 weeks x 60% = 10.8 weeks)


Total Withdrawal Remaining Portion Percentage Refund

During Week # of Semester (rounded down)


1 .94 100%*

2 .94 100%*

3 .83 80%

4 .78 70%

5 .72 70%

6 .67 60%

7 .61 60%

8 .56 50%

9 .50 50%

10 .44 40%

11 .39 30%

12 & later none


California Education Code allows a 100% refund of tuition and enrollment fees for students who withdraw during the first two weeks of the semester. Since federal regulations dictate that the student receive the largest refund available, these students will receive a 100% refund.


2. The College will collect the allowed administrative fee, equal to 5% of the tuition and fees assessed the student, not to exceed $100. Per federal regulations, if the amount of refund is less than $25, Glendale College will be exempt from the refund calculations.


3. The calculated refund will be credited to the Title IV programs in the following priority:


a. Outstanding balances of FFELP loans

b. Federal Pell Grants

c. Federal SEOG grants


4. When a first time financial aid recipient completely withdraws or is withdrawn by all instructors on or after the first day of the semester,

Glendale College will determine whether the student received an overpayment of financial aid funds for non-institutional expenses.


a. The overpayment is the difference between the amount received as cash disbursements and the amount of expenses incurred for non-institutional costs during the portion of the payment period that the student was actually enrolled. Federal Work Study and Family Educational Loans are not considered in determining the amount of cash disbursements made to students.


b. The expenses incurred by the student for a standard 36 week academic year will be assessed as follows:


(1) Books and Supplies are calculated at 50% through the third week of the semester and 100% after the third week.


(2) Room, Food, Personal, Transportation, and Child Care are pro-rated weekly or any fraction thereof at a rate of 1/36th per week.


5. Glendale College will take the following steps to contact students and request repayments:


a. A letter of explanation/invoice will be sent to the student.


b. The debt will be posted to the students' record which will block the student from future registration and hold all student transcripts.


6. If a student received a cash disbursement of Title IV funds (other than FWS or Part B loans) and owes a repayment, a portion will be returned to the Title IV programs from which the student received funds. The Title IV portion of the repayment is the lesser of:


a. The amount of Title IV funds received for the payment period or


b. (Title IV Award* / Total Assistance*) x Overpayment

(* Less FWS and Part B loans)

7. Repayments are distributed back to the Title IV programs in the following priority:

a. Federal SEOG grants

b. Federal Pell grants

c. Cal Grants


Repayments are returned to the appropriate program within 30 days of the date the student makes the repayment.


8. A student who owes a repayment on any Title IV program is ineligible for further Title IV assistance until the full repayment has been made. A notation will be made on out-going financial aid transcripts for such students indicating an outstanding debt.



California Administrative Code 58508

Student Financial Assistance Programs, U. S. Department of Education, 34 CFR, 668.21 & 668.22


Adopted: 7/21/97