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Glendale Community College District                                                                          4315.1

Administrative Regulation


Evaluation Program for Classified Managers


The purpose of the evaluation is to assess and improve the fitness of managers to perform and to continue in their assignments. Managers who are members of the classified service will be evaluated at least annually during their first two years in a position and at least once every two years thereafter in accordance with the following process:


1.      The manager’s immediate supervisor completes an evaluation form. In this instance, the supervisor discusses the appraisal and related comments with the manager (evaluatee). In areas of weakness noted, the supervisor adds to the comments on the form any decisions and mutual agreements reached with the evaluatee on plans for improvement. The completed evaluation form is submitted to the next higher level supervisory administrator by January 1.


2.      Upon receipt of the completed forms, the next higher level supervisor reviews various comments and appraisals and arrives at an overall judgment for each of the factors evaluated. These overall judgments are summarized and indicated on the evaluation form as being “satisfactory” or “needs to improve.” The summarized judgments are explained by narrative comments to the extent necessary. This supervisor also discusses the evaluation results with the evaluatee and adds to the comments any decisions and agreements reached regarding plans for improvement in areas of weakness.


3.      The Superintendent/President shall receive all recommendations for retention and any other comments regarding the manager’s evaluation by February 1. The completed forms and related documents are retained in the manager’s personnel file at the College.


Adopted: 3/31/83