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Glendale Community College District                                                                             4221

Administrative Regulation




A.     Approval to fill a position on an interim basis pending testing, will be given by the Superintendent/President or his/her designee only when it can be deemed certain that an eligibility list for such position will be promulgated within six moths of the start date of the assignment. An interim assignment shall not continue beyond fifteen (15) calendar days from the date that the eligibility list is established.


If for any reason, an eligibility list cannot be promulgated within six months of the start date of the assignment, the interim employee will return to their regular assignment or be laid off until such time as an appropriate list can be established. For an interim employee to be considered for a permanent appointment she/he must have taken an examination to qualify for eligibility. After an eligibility list has been established for the vacancy the hiring department has 15 calendar days to fill the vacancy.


B.     When a Relief position is to be filled, the hiring department shall submit proper documentation to the Office of Human Resources. The length of the Relief assignment shall be limited to less than 1000 hours in any one fiscal year.


Relief positions include: Relief Clerk, General Worker, Parent Education Assistant.


C.    Substitute assignments shall be made to replace a permanent employee while on leave. If a permanent employee is assigned to substitute in a higher classification, their salary step placement shall reflect a minimum of a 5% differential above their current salary. All other substitute assignments shall begin on step 1 of the appropriate salary range.


D.    Intermittent assignments shall be made on a periodic basis. Intermittent Positions include: Registration Worker I, Registration Worker II, Test Proctor and Test Supervisor.


When an interim, relief, substitute or intermittent position is approved to be filled, the hiring department must submit an “assignment sheet” signed by the appropriate administrator to the Office of Human Resources.


Adopted: 4/15/91