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Glendale Community College District                                                                             4215

Administrative Regulation


Philosophy and Purpose of Performance Appraisal


      A.   Job Performance Appraisals is based on established standards. This is
             accomplished through:


1.         Review of the position description for purposes of defining the job and developing standards of expectancies; communicating standards of expectancy and negotiating agreements on components of measurements; establishing goals and objectives; providing regular feedback to the employee concerning his/her performance; completion of a formal appraisal instrument at least annually to commend those individuals whose performance or growth is outstanding.


2.         Determine conditions which limit or restrict the achievement of the desired level of performance.


3.         Discover areas which can be improved by specific types of assistance; and


4.         Take the necessary corrective steps when evaluator assistance fails to bring about a satisfactory level of performance.


 B.   Job performance of employees shall be evaluated in accordance with the following schedule:


1.         Probationary unit employees shall be evaluated at the end of the second (2nd) and fifth (5th) months of service.


2.         Probationary confidential and other non-unit employees shall be evaluated at the end of the second (2nd), (5th) months of service.


3.         Permanent employees shall be evaluated at least once each year.


4.         Evaluation shall be considered confidential.


     C.   The immediate supervisor shall present the performance evaluation report to the employee and shall discuss it with the employee.  Evaluations shall be based on observation and knowledge.  No evaluations shall be based upon derogatory materials in the employee’s personnel file unless the employee has previously been given sufficient prior notice of same, an opportunity to review and comment upon it, and have such comments attached to the other evaluation materials.  Performance evaluations shall be made by those management persons who are responsible for the employee’s work.  The evaluation shall be signed by the employee to indicate receipt and the employee shall be given a signed copy.


D.   An unscheduled evaluation for a permanent employee may be submitted at any time during the year upon evidence of changed work habits or performance on the part of an employee.


E.   A permanent employee who receives, on his annual evaluation, an overall rating of “unsatisfactory,” will be expected to improve his/her performance to such an extent that a re-evaluation within sixty (60) days will be expected to improve his/her performance to such an extent that a re-evaluation within sixty (60) days will reflect an overall rating of above unsatisfactory.  Failure to make such an improvement in performance may subject the employee to disciplinary procedures.


F.   A permanent employee shall have the right to submit a written response to a written evaluation which shall be attached to that evaluation.


G.   A permanent employee may, upon receipt of his/her evaluation, file an appeal through the established grievance procedures only on the grounds that the evaluation procedures specified in this Article have not been followed in the preparation of his evaluation.


Legal Reference:

   Education Code 88013

   CSEA Collective Bargaining Contract, Article XVI


Adopted:  4/15/91