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Glendale Community College District                                                                             4214

Administrative Regulation




  1. A voluntary transfer is the reassignment of an employee, without examination, from one position to another position in the same class, or to a position in a similar or related class with the same salary range.


  1. When a new position is created or an existing position becomes vacant, the District shall first offer the opportunity to transfer to permanent employees serving in the same class in the District.  A separate notice of all positions which are created or declared vacant shall be provided for posting to all department on the main campus and to each satellite location where District employee are regularly assigned, for no less than five (5) working days prior to the time the test announcement is made available to the general public.  A copy of such notices shall be sent to the Association President at the time of posting.  Employees wishing to transfer shall have their names certified to the appropriate administrator prior to the certification of names of individuals on the eligibility list for that classification.


  1. A permanent employee may request voluntary demotion to a related class with a lower maximum salary rate by filling a written notice with the Office of Human Resources.


  1. In cases of involuntary transfers, the least senior employee who possesses the necessary qualifications to perform the assignment as determined by management will be transferred except in cases of incumbents in management, confidential and supervisory classes who may be transferred from one position to another without regard to seniority as long as they continue to receive the same compensation and benefits.  It is not the intent of this provision to use transfers as a punitive or disciplinary action.


Adopted:   4/15/91