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Glendale Community College District                                                                             4213

Administrative Regulation




  1. Standards for the Classification of Positions


The Director, Human Resources shall develop and maintain a class specification for each class in the classified service of the District as necessary to meet the needs of the service for the allocation of new positions and the re-allocation of existing positions.  The specification shall be descriptive of the class and shall not be considered as a restriction on the assignment of duties not specifically listed.  Class specifications shall be submitted to the Board of Trustees and be subject to its approval.


  1. Classification Studies


Each position in the classified service shall be allocated to the appropriate class in conformance with specifications for that class.  Position classification studies of individual positions or groups of positions shall be made:   (a) whenever the assigned duties or responsibilities of existing positions have undergone significant changes (re:  level of responsibility, problem solving, authority for action, knowledge and skills, working conditions, scope of impact); (b) whenever new positions are to be created; or (c) whenever a request is initiated by an employee by no later than April 15 of each year.  Such requests shall be sent through the immediate supervisor to the Office of Human Resources.  Notwithstanding the above, a comprehensive classification study may be initiated by the Board of Trustees at any time.


  1. Approval


When the Office of Human Resources has completed the classification study, it shall report the findings to the Exclusive Representative (if a unit position) and to the Joint Employee Management Committee.  If a group or an individual employee requests, the Joint Management Review Committee shall conduct an appeal hearing, and the results will be presented to the Board of Trustees for final action.


  1. Appointments of Incumbents to Reclassified Positions


When an occupied position is reclassified to a classification on a higher salary range, the incumbent of that position may be promoted without further examination to the higher level class upon approval of the Director, Human Resources.  He/she shall review and approve the promotion of incumbents of reclassified positions when the incumbent meets the minimum requirements for the higher level classification and had demonstrated proficiency in duties consistent with the concept of the higher classification for a period of one year.


  1. Salary Survey of New Classifications


The Board of Trustees or its Designee shall establish salary rates for new classified positions.  Salary rates shall be established by the surveying of outside agencies with like positions or by internal alignment.  Agencies surveyed shall be agreed upon with the bargaining unit for unit positions.


  1. Salary Negotiation for New Classifications


A Committee of three (3), consisting of the CSEA Field Representative, the Chapter President and one unit employee in a like position, will meet with the Director, Human Resources to review and negotiate the salary of the new classification.


Adopted:   4/15/91