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Glendale Community College District                                                                          4213.2

Administrative Regulation


Applicability of Step Rates


  1. Employees holding positions compensated under the step plan shall be required to work a year following probationary adjustment at each step rate except as provided below.  The following general rules shall apply in administering the salary schedule.


1.         Normally original appointment to these positions shall be at the rate designated as the first step except in the case of transfer, demotion or promotion.  The Superintendent/President may place a new employee to the District at any step up to Step 3.  Placement of new employees in Management positions above M36 can be made up to Step 6 based on past training and experience; or when the prevailing wage rates are such that placement above Step 3 rates must be used to attract the best qualified manager.


2.         Except as provided below, step advances in permanent positions shall be granted upon completion of one (1) year of continuous service in the same position until the top step is reached.


3.         any employee receiving a promotion shall be moved to the appropriate range and step of the new class to ensure not less than five percent (5%) increase as a result of the promotion, except that the employee may be placed on the last step of the appropriate range if that is the maximum allowable for that class.


4.         Special Y-Rates:  A Y-Rate is a special salary rate established by a provision of these regulations which entitles an employee to receive compensation at a rate higher than that provided for in the top step of the range for the position which he/she holds, or a rate which falls between the steps of a range established for the class until such time as the salary range equals or exceeds the Y-Rate amount.


            Y-Rates are only to be used in the event of a change of classification, resulting in a reclassification of an employee to a lower class, which is not under the employee’s control.


Adopted:   4/15/91