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Glendale Community College District                                                                             4211

Administrative Regulation


Applications, Recruitment and Selection of Employees


  1. Job Posting

Subject to mitigation for affirmative action reasons, open positions within the classified service shall be posted internally for a minimum of five (5) working days.


  1. Announcement of Intention to Recruit

The Director, Human Resources, shall administer a program of recruitment which will attract qualified persons to college employment.

1.         Recruitment efforts may include contacts with community groups, agencies, councils, and individuals for purposes of soliciting applications from all segments of the population.

2.         All vacancies for positions shall be publicized by posting announcements for at least five (5) consecutive business days in each office of the campus and in such other places as may be deemed necessary.  Advertisements shall include, but not be limited to, newspapers, notices to placement agencies, and minority recruiting organizations.

3.         The announcement shall specify the title, hours and salary range and step placement of the class for which the vacancy is announced, and the date, time, place, manner of making application, qualification requirements, type of screening process and examination and other pertinent information.


  1. Absence during the Filing or Interview Period

If an eligible employee is absent on approved leave during the filing period or when the interviews are scheduled, the appointing authority will notify such employee of the opening by certified mail.  The appointing authority may suspend the selection process until the affected employee has had an opportunity to be interviewed, provided that the appointing authority is not required to delay the selection more than one calendar week.


  1. Application Forms

Applications shall be made on forms provided by the Office of Human Resources.  Such forms shall require information covering training, experience and other pertinent information.  All applications shall be signed by the person applying and become property of the District.


  1. Rejection of Applications

The Director, Human Resources, may reject an application which indicates that the applicant is deficient in any or all of the minimum requirements as specified in the public announcement of the vacancy.  An applicant may also be rejected for the practice or attempted practice of fraud or deception in the completion of his/her application, or through reference check by the Office of Human Resources if his/her past record of employment is determined to be unsatisfactory.  Notice of rejection shall be mailed to the rejected applicant by the Office of Human Resources.


  1. Selection Procedures

1.         Eligibility and relative fitness of applicants for employment or promotion shall be determined by job related examination.  An examination may consist of one or any combination of generally accepted testing techniques, including but not limited to, performance tests, written tests, rated interviews, audio-visual tests, ratings of applications or resumes, work performance, or promotional potential evaluations.  Examinations may include tests of ability, interests, knowledge and skills.

2.         Interview Questions:  The District will use structured interview format when conducting interviews.  The questions and answers will be job related, and ratings will be based on criteria identified in the job analysis.  The rating criteria will be developed prior to the interview, and each candidate who is not selected will be advised of the basis for non-selection.

3.         Verification of a prospective employee’s educational or professional certification, experience, or any other statutorily mandated prerequisites to employment should be done by the Office of Human Resources before any prospective employee is offered employment.  Such reference checking may include a job related background check.

4.         Medical Examinations:  The Director, Human Resources, shall require a medical examination or any other reasonable evidence of the applicant’s or employee’s health status, at the expense of the Board of Trustees, for just cause in order to:

a.         Ensure that proper consideration is given to the relationship between each person’s health status and the physical, emotional and environmental demands of the duties he/she is to perform; and

b.         Medical Fitness and Other Requirements:  Candidates selected for transfer must be able to pass any job related medical or other requirements specified for the class.  It is the responsibility of the transfer applicant to read the Class Specification for Minimum Requirements and other requirements.


  1. Uniform Guidelines on Selection

The criteria for uniform guidelines on selection have been appended to the classified personnel hiring procedures of the District “Affirmative Action Plan.”


Adopted:  4/15/91