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Glendale Community College District                                                                             4119

Administrative Regulation


Absence from Duty


Instructor Responsibilities


When, for any reason, an instructor is unable to report for duty, it is his/her responsibility to notify the college in a timely manner so that the correct information may be conveyed and posted.  The instructor is to call the 24-hour absence reporting hotline at (818) 246-5094 and will be prompted to provide the necessary information for their absence, or may report an anticipated absence ahead of time directly to Instructional Services in AD 145.  This information will be used to cancel all necessary classes, including posting a notice at the classroom and on the campus website and also will be relayed to the proper Division Chair/Secretary and to payroll.


Adopted:        7/10/73

Revised:         3/31/83;  4/13/04