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Glendale Community College District                                                                             4093

Administrative Regulation


Background Investigation Fingerprinting


All new academic and classified employees are required to be fingerprinted for background investigation by the district through the State Department of Justice (Bureau of Criminal Identification) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The fingerprinting shall be for the purpose of background investigation of new employees through the State Department of Justice (Bureau of Criminal Identification) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  All new employees must have fingerprint clearance prior to employment.


Emergency appointments for employment may be exempted from this provision.  An emergency appointment may exist when the District requires an employee to begin employment immediately or when extenuating circumstances prohibit an employee from being fingerprinted through a local law enforcement agency.


All employees receiving such emergency appointments will be required to sign an agreement acknowledging such appointment with the understanding that if negative information is received subsequent to employment with the District that this may result in disqualification under this procedure.


All job applicants are required to report criminal conviction records during the initial application process.  Applicants are required to provide information related to each conviction.




As provided in EC 87405 and 88022, conviction of the following offenses shall make an applicant ineligible for employment, subject to the provision of EC 87405 and EC99022 regarding rehabilitation:


1.                  Sex offenses as defined in EC 87101


2.                  Controlled substance offenses as defined in 87011





Each new academic and classified employee is fingerprinted as provided in Education Code 8013 and 88124 at the time of hire.  These fingerprints are submitted to the California Bureau of Investigation and Identification for a criminal record search.  If the criminal record report discloses no information beyond that supplied by the person on the district application materials, or conviction information subject to disqualification under EC 87405 and 88022, the person shall be considered employable.


Confidentiality of Information


As provided in regulations of the State of California Department of Justice, criminal conviction records shall be confidential.  Access shall be limited to the Superintendent/President, senior Administrators and personnel administrators in charge of academic and classified personnel, and designated members of their staffs on a “need to know” basis.


Rejected Fingerprint Card


All rejected fingerprint cards will include a written statement to describe the specific reason(s) why the fingerprint impressions were unacceptable.  The District shall direct the applicant to have all ten fingers reprinted, and resubmit the card so the criminal history response process may be completed.  There is no additional fee for processing reprinted applicant fingerprint cards when they are rejected.


Adopted:        6/29/98