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Glendale Community College District                                                                            4062

Administrative Regulation


Vacation Time for Employees Working More Than 10 Months


Full-time employees of the Glendale Community College District shall be entitled to annual vacation days based on the following:


1.         Administrators, Managers and Supervisors are entitled to 22 vacation days per year.

2.         Confidential employees are entitled to 13 vacation days on initial hire and receive an additional day each year until they are at 22 vacation days.

3.         Employees working less than twelve months will receive a pro-rata* share of vacation based on the twelve month assignment.

4.         Employees covered by a bargaining unit and working more than ten months are entitled to the number of vacation days defined in the Agreement.


An employee may accrue a total of two (2) years vacation entitlement.  In the event that employment is terminated with the District, the employee will be compensated for unused vacation at the employee's current rate of pay.  This provision shall become effective with the 1993-94 fiscal year.  No employee will lose any accrued vacation days that were in effect prior to this provision.


Any full days of vacation accrued in excess of this provision will be lost unless the District is responsible for the vacation days not being used.  In that case, with the approval of the Superintendent/President, the employee will be allowed to either carry the days forward or be paid for those days.


No deduction shall be made from the vacation credit of any employee for holidays occurring during the assigned vacation period of the employee.


Vacation is earned during the course of the year based upon time in paid status.  Unearned vacation credited at the beginning of the year or assignment may be charged back if there is a change in the status of the employee.


An employee in permanent status shall be permitted to interrupt or terminate vacation leave in order to begin another type of paid leave without a return to active service, providing the employee supplies notice and supporting information regarding the basis for such interruption or termination.


Any employee who is a member of the National Guard or Naval Militia, or a member of the Reserves or force in federal military, naval, or marine service, and who is granted a military leave of absence with pay, shall be granted all vacation privileges provided by the Military and Veterans Code.


*Pro-rata is determined by dividing the maximum number of vacation days granted per year to a twelve-calendar month employee by the number of total assigned working days, including holidays, per adopted fiscal year calendar, and then multiplying by the actual assigned days worked for the employee.


Maximum number of vacation days granted X actual days worked number of working

days, including holidays =  pro rata vacation days.


Adopted:          11/16/92