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Glendale Community College District 3332

Administrative Regulation


Purchase Orders Books and Magazines


Purchase of books, test materials, and similar instructional materials shall be based on sound business procedures and in keeping with Education Code, Government Code, Board Policies, and other applicable laws.


The following procedures shall be used:


A.                 Other books and magazines:


The Purchasing Department will secure the current discount schedule annually from each publisher and purchase directly from the publisher or approved vendors.


B.                 Library books and miscellaneous publications:


1.      Informal bids to supply all library materials shall be secured from competent vendors.


2.      Informal bids shall be secured for quantity orders of paperback publications. Small orders may be purchased directly.


3.      Miscellaneous publications, films, test materials, etc., not available through a jobber shall be purchased directly from the publisher.



Education Code, Section 81651


Adopted: 7/10/73

Revised: 3/31/83