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Glendale Community College District                                                                             3310

Administrative Regulation




The following procedure shall be followed when purchasing material and equipment for Glendale Community College, for which payment is to be made from District funds:


A.                 Requisitions for purchases will be developed into Purchase Orders only when there are unencumbered funds available, or arrangements have been made for additional appropriations through established channels. This approval shall be in advance of purchase, the only exceptions being for emergency purposes.


B.                 Specifications on requisitions must be complete when submitted to the Purchasing Office. No commitments are to be made by instructors or staff members when securing information about products and/or services. Specifications for instructional items to be purchased shall be developed through the appropriate instructional departments. Such specifications must be non-exclusive as regards brand name items.


C.                All persons responsible for providing materials and services are urged to anticipate their needs so that purchasing may be arranged in an orderly fashion and not on an emergency basis.


D.                Purchases will be based on quality, availability, price, and suitability to the educational program.


Adopted: 7/10/73

Revised: 3/31/83