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Glendale Community College District†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††          2800

Administrative Regulation


Policy on AIDS


The following Regulations are based upon current epidemiological data indicating that students or employees with AIDS, AIDS Related Complex, or a positive HIV antibody test do not pose a health risk to other students and employees in an academic setting:


1.                  The Superintendent/President of Glendale Community College shall appoint an advisory committee of campus and community members to further the goals of education and informing the campus/worksite community about AIDS.


2.                  In order to dispel fears that safety risks exist in a normal academic and employment environment, and to prevent the further spread of AIDS, Glendale Community College has developed and implemented a comprehensive AIDS education for students and employees.This education program shall be continued and coordinated by theSuperintendent/Presidentís AIDS Advisory Committee.


3.                  If any student or employee is affected by AIDS, Glendale community College shall rely on established procedures in evaluating that personís ability to function within the context of that personís role as a student or employee of the College.In all cases, reasonable accommodations to the medical or physical needs of the individual will be explored and, where consistent with District policy and State and Federal law, made available to the individual.


4.                  Confidentiality of medical information relating to persons who have AIDS, AIDS Related Complex, or a positive HIV antibody test shall be strictly maintained.According to policy and law, personal information (which includes medical information) in District employee or student records cannot be released to the public in the absence of consent or appropriate legal process.


5.                  Students and employees with AIDS, AIDS Related Complex, or a positive HIV antibody test shall be afforded normal classroom attendance, working conditions, and participation in co-curricular activities in an unrestricted manner as long as they are able.


6.                  Glendale Community College will provide reasonable accommodation to employees and students with AIDS and related illnesses in a manner consistent with those provided for other medical conditions.


7.                  Programs shall not be implemented to require screening of students and employees for AIDS, AIDS Related Complex, or a positive HIV antibody test.No persons shall be required to undergo testing for AIDS, ARC or the HIV antibody.


8.                  Students and employees with AIDS, AIDS Related Complex, or a positive HIV antibody test will be given assistance, consistent with other illnesses, in obtaining appropriate medical care, education, and accommodation.


9.                  If an employee or student has concerns about the AIDS virus, that individual will be directed to Health Services to address these concerns.Appropriate educational programs will be provided, as well as referrals to appropriate community agencies for those persons with continuing concerns about the disease.


10.             The College Superintendent/President and all administrators are encouraged to schedule periodic staff development workshops for all employees to disseminate information and answer questions about AIDS.These workshops should draw upon the expertise developed through the Chancellorís Task Force on AIDS and the Employee Development programs.


11.             Evidence of freedom from AIDS, AIDS Related Complex, or a positive HIV antibody test will not be part of the admission decision for prospective students or any employment decision for prospective employees.


12.             There is no justification for, and will be no restriction of, access to the Library; the Campus Center; social, cultural and athletic events; dining areas; gymnasia; recreation facilities; and other common areas, of persons AIDS, AIDS Related Complex, or a positive HIV antibody test.


13.             Glendale Community College will continue to develop a comprehensive program to protect individuals participating in laboratory experiments involving blood, blood products, and body fluids, as specified in Centers of Disease Control ďRecommendations for Prevention of HIV Transmission in Health Care Settings.ĒThese procedures and practices will be reviewed at least annually by the campus Safety and Health Committee.


14.             Glendale Community College Health Services will continue to maintain communication links with County Health Agencies and community AIDS centers in order to obtain current medical and referral information.


15.             The Allied Health program will develop guidelines for student contact with patients in order to minimize the risk of acquisition of infectious communicable diseases.Students participating in field work experiences in community health care settings should be provided assurance by the training facility that it is in compliance with the California Public Health Serviceís guidelines for the handling of blood, blood products, and body fluids.


Adopted:††††††† 9/11/89