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Glendale Community College District†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††          † 2126

Administrative Regulation


A.                 Duties of College Services Chair


1.      Represent the division at meetings with the College Services Managers.

2.      Participate in the development and evaluation of division goals, objectives, and effectiveness as they relate to division services and course offerings.

3.      Provide input to the Vice President, College Services, deans and unit managers in the process of formulating the division budget.

4.      Participate in the preparation and revision of course outlines for recommendation through the Vice President, College Services.

5.      Be responsible for in-service education in the division.

6.      Coordinate with College Services unit managers the recommendation and ordering of textbooks; recommend library materials for the division.

7.      Participate with College Services unit managers in the preparation of the annual division year-end report.

8.      Assist College Services faculty in developing curriculum and make recommendations concerning course development to the Curriculum and Instruction Committee.

9.      Assist in preparation of requests for outside funding.

10. Participate in the selection and evaluation of College Services faculty.

11. Hold division meetings at least once each month during the fall and spring semesters.

12. Participate in the planning, development, and evaluation of day and evening courses in the division.

13. Provide for general orientation for new faculty concerning division curriculum and services.

14. Initiate studies to improve course offerings and services in the division.

15. Review with College Services unit managers textbooks, instructional materials, course outlines, and grading standards within College Services to assure that they are academically up-to-date.

16. Coordinate with College Services unit managers the scheduling of all classes offered by the division.

17. Participate in research and data gathering in order to validate prerequisites appropriately.

18. Represent the division at Academic affairs and other appropriate governance committees.

19. Report accomplishments and concerns to appropriate College Services program managers.

20. Perform additional responsibilities as assigned by the Vice President, College Services.


B.                 Appointment


The division chair is recommended for appointment by the Superintendent/President for approval by the Board of Trustees after the democratic selection of a candidate by the College Services faculty.If the choice of the division is not recommended by the Superintendent/President, the candidate is informed by the Superintendent/President, in person, and the division is asked to submit another recommendation.


C.                Term of Office


Term of office is five years.At the end of the first two years of the term, the members of the division are invited to recommend whether or not the chair shall continue in that position.If a majority of the members of the division vote in the affirmative, the chair serves the remainder of the first-year term.If not recommended for continuation, the chairís first term of office ends immediately and an election is held to name a new candidate for chair.A chair may be dismissed by the Superintendent/President at any time by written notification to the person involved stating cause.


D.                Eligibility and Election Procedures


1.      A faculty member may be considered a member of only one division for††† selecting a chair.All tenured faculty members assigned to the division are eligible to serve as chair.All tenured and tenure-track faculty members in the division are eligible to vote.(Exception to the tenure requirement is noted below in paragraph 4.)Faculty who are eligible to vote but who will be absent because of extended illness or Board leave are eligible to vote and to be considered for chair.A notification of the election and absentee ballot shall be sent to such absent instructors at least 30 days prior to the scheduled election.Absentee ballots will be held unopened until the election.

2.      Every eligible member of the division is considered to be a candidate, and the ballot will include the names of all eligible division members.At the meeting when voting will take place, and before voting begins, eligible members of the division may advise the division that they do not wish to be considered.

3.      The eligible faculty member who receives the majority of the votes cast, shall be elected.In the event no candidates receives a majority when there are more than two nominees, re-voting will take place between the two highest.If the voting between two candidates again results in a tie vote, the nominee with the higher seniority in the division shall be declared elected.If the nominees have taught and/or served as a faculty member in District an equal number of years, then the decision shall be made by drawing for the position.

4.      In the event no tenured member of the division will accept nomination for the position of chair and be elected by majority vote of the division members, non-tenured/tenure-track members shall be eligible for nomination and election.A non-tenured nominee for division chair shall have completed at least one full year of employment in the division at Glendale Community College or have had prior experience as a division chair or prior tenure as a community college faculty member. If a non-tenured contract member is elected, that person shall serve for one year and routine election procedures shall be initiated thereafter.

5.†† If no member of the division will accept nomination for the position of chair and be elected by majority vote of the division members, the administration shall appoint a chair who shall serve at the pleasure of the administration for one year.At the end of this term, routine election procedures shall be initiated again.


Adopted:†† 11/16/92