BUSAD Course Level Assessment Assignments & Document Links

Important Documents & Forms

Course Level Assessment Report

This is the report that you fill out and submit to Edward Karpp, Rory, and I that indicates what SLO you assessed and the results (Please reference Linda Serra's sample report linked below.)

Sample Course Level Assessment Report (Linda Serra)

This is Linda Serra's sample report for her assessment of a CABOT 105 Introduction to Office Correspondence course.

SLOAC Flex Form

This is the FLEX form that you need to fill out after doing this task to get flex credit. The form must be signed by you and Rory and then submitted to the staff development office (keep a copy for yourself).

BUSAD Course Level Assessment Plan

This is a working copy of the course level assessment plan that I submitted to Edward Karpp's office.

SLO Core Competencies Alignment Grid

This is the document that you use to establish course SLO's. If your course does not have an active SLO Link in the course assignment matrix below, I don't have the SLO's for your course. Please write your course SLO's and send me a copy of this document as-soon-as-possible.


BUSAD Course Assignment Matrix
Instructor Semester Due Status SLO Link # Name
Rod Allen Fall 2011 Completed SLO_111 111 Intro to Insurance
Rod Allen Fall 2011 In-Progress SLO_114 114 Personal Insurance
Rod Allen Fall 2011 In-Progress SLO_116 116 Principles of Life & Health Ins
Ann Dittmer Fall 2011 In-Progress SLO_141 141 Intro to Management
Edgar Nandkishore Fall 2011 Assigned SLO_166 166 Advertising
Lynn Hill Fall 2011 Assigned SLO_113 113 Principles of Pro & Liab Ins
Marianne Nikodem Fall 2011 In-Progress SLO_106 106 Written Bus Com
Pat Gallagher Fall 2011 Completed SLO_50 50 Internship
Phillip Kazanjian Fall 2011 Assigned SLO_120 120 Business Law 1
Phillip Kazanjian Fall 2011 Assigned SLO_152 152 Management Com Oral
Phillip Kazanjian Fall 2011 Assigned SLO_136 136 Money Management
Poorna Pal Fall 2011 Assigned SLO_170 170 Intro to International Business
Poorna Pal Fall 2011 Assigned SLO_177 177 Intro to International Marketing
Rafael Cardona Fall 2011 Completed SLO_162 162 Principles of Marketing
Richard Hillquist Fall 2011 Assigned SLO_158 158 Intro to Entrepreneurship
Robert Cutler Fall 2011 In-Progress SLO_110 110 Human Relations in Business
Sharis Davoodi Fall 2011 Assigned SLO_204 204 Customer Service Skills
Steven Young Fall 2011 In-Progress SLO_115 115 Commercial Insurance
Valicia Dantzler Fall 2011 In-Progress SLO_144 144 Human Resources I
Vicki Nicholson Fall 2011 Assigned SLO_203 203 Customer Service & Relations
Brett Miketta Spring 2011 Completed SLO_101 101 Intro to Business
Crystal Kallik Spring 2011 Completed SLO_131 131 Intro to Finance
Rod Allen Spring 2012 Assigned SLO_112 112 Applied Workplace Ethics
Rod Allen Spring 2012 Assigned SLO_134 134 Investments
Sharon Garrett Spring 2012 Assigned SLO_164 164 Retail Store Management
Instructor of Record Spring 2012 Assigned SLO_135 135 Money & Banking
Poorna Pal Spring 2012 Assigned SLO_175 175 Import/Export Bus Pacific Rim
Vicki Nicholson Spring 2012 Assigned SLO_202 202 Leadership Fundamentals
Poorna Pal Fall 2012 Assigned SLO_178 178 Intro to International Finance