ESL Resources

The library’s ESL collection includes books, audio cassettes, compact discs, and DVDs to support learners of English as a second language.  The ESL collection includes graded readers arranged by level; materials for language support, including subject-specific non-fiction titles; and Recorded Books: cassettes that come with a read along book.

ESL Graded Readers

Graded Readers are abridged titles written in simplified English and arranged by LEVEL and TITLE of the book.  The levels are color coded, and correspond to the GCC ESL Department's course levels.  Click on the appropriate level for a list of ESL books arranged by level and title.

ESL Graded Readers GCC ESL Course Level and Color Graded Readers include:
  • Classics
  • Popular fiction
  • Short Stories
  • Biographies
    ... and more


ESL Language Support and Non-Fiction Collection

Non-fiction ESL materials are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal classification system. The Library has a selection of:

  • Textbooks, workbooks, readers, CDs and DVDs to support grammar, pronunciation, accent reduction, listening and speaking, and vocabulary development.
  • Biographies of key figures in history
  • Books on American culture, United States History, World History, arts, music, social issues, science and more.




Non-Credit Program

We are happy to provide our Non-credit students the same borrowing priveledges as credit students.

  • Check out up to 10 items
  • Keep them for 2 weeks
  • Renew up to 5 times for a period of 2 weeks each

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