Related Sites

The Following sites are listed for your information, enjoyment, and advancement in the fire service.  In no way are any of these sites endorsed or affiliated with Glendale College or the Verdugo Fire Academy.

Firefighter's Bookstore

Firefighter Exam Practice

Perfect Firefighter Candidate

National Fire Protection Association

Fire Service Books and Videos

California Professional Firefighters

FireHire Inc.

Firefighters Quest

California State Fire Training

Jones and Bartlet Publishers VFA Textbook

International Association of Firefighters

California State Firefighters Association

Firehouse Magazine

Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation

Careers in the Fire Service

Rapid Fire Study Software

IFSTA Publications

Glendale Fire Department Explorer Program

IFSTA Essentials Interactive Book

Fire Careers

If there are other sites you would like listed or would like to make comments about this web site please e-mail with the information.  Thank you.

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