The Verdugo Fire Academy is a California State Board of Fire Services and California State Fire Marshal's certified regional academy.  We hold accreditation #ARA99-024.

Programs offered include Fire Technology courses, certificate of completion in Fire Technology, an A.S. degree in Fire Technology, a Basic Firefighter Academy, and California State Fire Training and Education System (CFSTES) Courses.

The Basic Firefighter Academy is currently offered as an extended program on Thursdays and weekends. This allows working students to attend. 

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Graduates of the Verdugo Basic Firefighter Academy will complete the training portion required for Firefighter I.

Once the required experience has been obtained, students can apply to the State Fire Marshal's Office to receive this certification.

To receive this certification a graduate must work as a part-time firefighter for 1 year or as a paid firefighter for 6 months, as outlined by the California State Fire Marshal's Office.

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